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What We Are Working On

New and Improved Sheep

Specialty Maintenance Sheep: Not all sheep are created equal. There are certain aspects that make a good solar sheep.  We have Partnered and work closely with "Highland Solar Grazers" a family farm and begun to develop a proprietary and unique, super-qualified, sustainability grazing sheep called the "American Highland". Sheep on solar sites often go for long periods of time "working" without human supervision. We needed the most hearty sheep possible.  We also wanted a tri-purpose sheep: a grazer/ heavy browser (to ensure both grass and woody plants are eaten), a wool/milk producer, and a culinary desirable meat producer. This led us to helping to developing the Highland Grazer: a perfect hobby farming sheep with all the right qualities for solar sustainability!  hybrid vigor, shorter yet protective fleece that falls off naturally (but its there if you want it).  The breed is docile, tough as nails, an in field lamer and cute as a button, and grazes evenly and independently over the site eliminating the need for rotational grazing!!!  It is perfection in the making, and generation three is on its way spring of 2018, yay!!!!      

Contracts That Make Sense

We all love fine print, right?  We'll ask a farmer to read 6 pages of fine print and see how quickly your fields get mowed! This is a business, and having the right contracts and insurances is important. We are developing easy to read and execute contracts that are good for the contractors and the farmers.  We have modified our own insurance to be able to sub-contract farmers when it does not make sense for them to get a $1 million insurance policy.  In many cases, we can get the contract and hire the farmers to do the work with no red tape and no fear of liability.  Good fences make good neighbors, and good contracts make everyone happy!!!